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As the majority of our offices are currently closed, many employees are working from home. Working remotely is new for many of us and, as with all new things, it will take some time to adjust.

Here are a few tips for you and your team from Jacki Bassani, EVP & Chief People Office, IMAX:

Establish Team Norms: When you are no longer sitting next to your team members, you need to rethink how you work together as a team and create new team norms.

Consider the following:

  • Do we meet more frequently as a team? When? How long? 
  • Do we use a BlueJeans? If we use a BlueJeans, does everyone turn on their video camera?
  • How do we ensure people are present and focused?
  • What is the recommended response time to a text or email?
  • Should we use the phone more?

Document Sharing: Working from home will result in many of us relying more on emails, texts, and other written communications such as Slack messages. All of these communications create written business records that may be seen by or forwarded to people other than the intended recipients (accidentally or intentionally), and may be subject to discovery in case of a future dispute. Please keep this in mind, and use extra care whenever you are communicating about sensitive or confidential information.  As a general rule, when such information is involved, a phone call is preferable to a written communication.  

Morning Huddles and Frequent Check-ins- Consider holding a daily virtual huddle to discuss what you’re up to for the day with your meetings, tasks, projects, and so on.

We encourage you to have an open discussion with your Manager on your work expectations and schedule. We understand there are some of us working from home while also caring for children or other family members. If you want to discuss your options for a different schedule or arrangement, please contact your Manager and/or your HR business partner and they will help you navigate the situation.

If you work in a role that requires on-site access, equipment or other specific work activities within your office location, connect with your Manager regarding their Business Continuity Plan.