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Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions Curated By The IMAX HR Team.
We anticipate the duration of the furloughs to be until March 31st, 2021 at which time we will re-evaluate. We will continue to actively track our business and theatre network to give us a realistic indication on adjusting the duration of our furlough. You will be contacted by our HR Department with an official notice of return when applicable.
A ‘minimal operations model’ refers to the company still completing deliverables that we need to continue to deliver on to meet our contractual obligations and not put the company at risk. For example, we will need to continue to provide service to our theatres that are open and/or are re-opening and we will need to continue to maintain our usual financial routines i.e. quarterly reporting and tax filings. Deliverables that are not entirely necessary at this time will be put on hold until a future date that makes more sense for the business and our people. This model will continue throughout the furlough period, currently planned to continue until March 31st, 2021.
IMAX is placing certain employees on temporary unpaid leave, but this leave may go by different names in different jurisdictions. However, the ultimate impact to employees is the same in every country, which is that they will be on a temporary, complete suspension of work and pay but their employment relationship with IMAX will continue. In the United States, this may be referred to as temporary unpaid leave or, colloquially, a “furlough.” In Canada, this may be referred to as temporary unpaid leave or, due to recent legislation, Infectious Disease Emergency Leave of Absence. In Europe, this may be referred to as a temporary lay-off or temporary unpaid leave. In Russia, this may be referred to as unpaid leave. However, in all jurisdictions the result is the same. Through this process none of these employees’ employment relationship with IMAX is being terminated and instead the end result is a temporary, complete, suspension of work and pay.
We considered every option to avoid the need for furloughs or unpaid leaves, unfortunately, with our major titles deferred beyond 2020 this is the most feasible approach we could take to still be able to extend support to our employees while also protecting the financial strength and future of our business so that we can all gradually return to work once our theatre network fully opens.
Records of Employment are filed electronically with Service Canada on or before your last day of work, meaning you can apply for Government Benefits any time after your last day of work. Records of Employment do not communicate an end date, so you do not need to resubmit a new ROE for an extension to an unpaid leave or furlough. Any Government Benefits you may be receiving should continue without issue according to your eligibility and personal circumstance.
Yes, there are temporary furloughs and changes to working hours happening across all of our business units depending on what work still needs to continue within a minimal operations model, and what work or projects can be put on hold until a future date.
Please ensure you have logged in to ADP and update your personal email address or phone number accordingly. If you are an international employee and do not use ADP, please email with your personal details and we will ensure our HR Systems are updated so we can get in touch with you when we need to.
No, you will not be required or expected to enter time-off details into ADP while you are on furlough.
You should not do any work or respond to any emails while on temporary leave. Before you begin your temporary furlough, we encourage you to work with your team to identify an appropriate transition plan to ensure that we can continue to deliver on the minimal operations requirements of our business until we can formally return to work.
You do not have to return office equipment since furlough is a temporary leave from work and we are anticipating that we can all return to work following the furlough time period.
Information will be sent via email and also posted on the ADP home page for when W2s & T4s will be available for downloading and/or mailed to your home address. Important payroll announcements and reminders are also posted on the 'Payroll & Benefits' page of this website. As mentioned above please ensure you have updated your personal contact information within ADP.
Nothing, you are still considered an employee of IMAX. All vested and unvested equity will remain in your Shareworks by Morgan Stanley account and will continue to vest in accordance with the original vesting schedule.

You may be eligible for various government benefits, depending on your personal situation and work location. We encourage you to visit your local government website for information on benefits they are currently providing.

If you want to take advantage of an income supplement or Employee Insurance program, review the requirements for eligibility and steps on how to apply.

If you are unsure of your eligibility based on your work situation, please reach out to your HR Business Partner to discuss options further.


To review helpful resources visit the 'Financial Support' page of this website at this link: Financial Support.

As a Global company, we have approached these challenging times with a global employee focus and with as much equity as possible for all. Our Legal, Finance and HR Team continue to review and consider whether a variety of government subsidies, tax credits and other programs being made available may be leveraged.
You can currently access any vacation days accrued up to June 30th, 2021. If you elect to take advantage of this option, please request vacation through ADP to select the number of vacation days you wish to use. If you do not want to use your vacation or personal time allotment please ensure that any required days off are recorded as 'unpaid time off' in ADP.If you have any questions or concerns with this approach, please contact your manager or your HR Business Partner.
For those on a reduced work week schedule, the plan currently is for us to continue this schedule until at least March 31st, 2021. We will continue to revisit options as the situation evolves in the different markets and keep everyone informed. Some business units may have to return to full hours due to urgent work or reopening of theaters. This situation is continuing to evolve and we will continue to be flexible in our response.
The HR Team is working closely with Managers to ensure that workloads and expectations will be realistic for those operating on a reduced work week schedule. Of course, open communication with your Manager is critical so please bring up any concerns you have with your Manager to ensure you are truly reducing your work hours.
No. Your decision to further reduce your hours or take a leave of absence will not viewed negatively by the company. We understand this is a difficult time for all and we are all dealing with individual circumstances outside of work, which may be very impactful.
We encourage you to discuss with your Manager, who is prepared to have these conversations with you. However, if you would prefer to contact your local HR Business Partner to review your options and situation you are welcome to do that as well. If you are unsure who your local HRBP is, email to be connected.
Those employees that have returned to their office in some capacity, or are receiving the daily health poll on a regular basis because their department is able to return to the office, please continue to only answer the health poll on the days you will be working onsite. Days you are ‘off’ of work, or not entering a workplace, you do not need to respond. Of course, if you have questions or concerns regarding the health poll process please reach out to your Manager or a member of your local Facilities Team for guidance.

Yes, your IMAX retirement contribution will align with your income received, and therefore will decrease along with your reduction in pay. If you would like to make adjustments to your contributions or review the program details please visit our service provider sites for more information, or email your inquiry to .


US Employees: John Hancock

Canadian Employees: Manulife Retirement

Yes you can make the change in your Manulife or John Hancock portal and it will be processed in the next payroll cycle. If you are in Canada and make a change in Manulife, please also notify

North American employees can review vacation balances and accrual rates within ADP Workforce Now.

For guides on how to navigate the ADP Portal, please review our quick guides for US Employees and quick guides for Canadian Employees on the IMAX Insider.

International employees please connect with your local office manager to review your vacation balance as per your local tracker, or reach out to if you have further questions.

Additionally please reference the 'Reduced Work Arrangement’ letter sent you on April 21st, 2020 from, which provided you with this calculation.

All paid time off for Canada and US is tracked using your 'Time Off Request’ in ADP Workforce Now.

For guides on how to request time off through ADP, please review our quick guides for US Employees and quick guides for Canadian Employees on the IMAX Insider.

International employees please connect with your local office manager to review your vacation balance as per your local tracker, and please advise of your leave request, or reach out if you have further questions.

If you are using unpaid time off you can request these days through ADP using the 'Time Off Request’ as well. Please see above question for links.
No, we are asking all employees to enter their time now for as many weeks as they can, to help us with minimal weekly changes. If changes need to be made at a later date, you can speak to your Manager then make the adjustment in ADP.
For North American Employees, we’d encourage people to input their time in ADP for the duraction of the continued reduced work week schedule. Should the schedule change, it is ideal if employees can have any changes secured in ADP, for US employees, the Thursday prior to the pay date, and for Canadian Employees, the Friday prior to the pay date. Any corrections or changes to ADP should be done on or before the actual date you are making changes to. For International Employees, please update your vacation tracker with your local office Manager and advise of your leave request , by the Thursday prior to the pay date.
To calculate your daily rate, you can take your annual salary and divide it by 52 weeks in a year, divided by 5 days in a week. Example: 50,000/52 = 1000.00 weekly rate / 5 days = 200 Daily Rate
Not all employees will return to their respective workplaces at the same time. Our collective goal is to return in a phased approach, in order to ensure our workplaces are prepared, safe and productive for our people, while also following local guidelines around social distancing and health. Your Managers will work with their Business Leaders/Executives & HR, Facilities & Workplace H&S, to review what business groups are deemed essential, and can work safely and productively onsite. We understand each employee has their own personal circumstances and anxieties and we encourage employees to reach out to their Manager or their HR Business Partner to discuss their options for their return when the time comes.
IMAX will take a phased approach to return employees to the office when safe to do so. While in the office there will be a number of protocols in place including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), social distancing, and rotating schedules to ensure we keep our employees as safe as possible. The Facilities Team has also created helpful guides with paths of travel and instructions for certain work areas to ensure social distancing is possible, along with specific cleaning routines and policies. All of our current Employee Guides and Policies & Procedures are currently on the Workplace page of this site.
Yes, there will be a number of safety processes all employees in our workplaces will be required to follow including health screening, maintaining social distancing, use of PPE, and additional infection control.
Yes. You will see updates, resources, guidance, documented policies and processes shared with you on the 'Workplace' page of this site. Business groups/individuals that are returning will go through a training process and have the opportunity to ask questions/connect with their local Facilities/HR teams before they return. Resources will continue to be added to this website so we encourage you to visit the site on a regular basis.
Visualize what an ideal return to work process would look like for you in your personal situation, and discuss your options with your Manager.
Seating assignments and meeting room capacity sizes will be updated to meet social distancing requirements. Because we are returning to the workplaces in a phased approach, we are able to customize work plans and space assignments to those returning and continue to build safe and structured seating plans or implement rotating remote working schedules to ensure a safe environment.
We are cognizant of the fact that many IMAX employees may be caring for their children while also working, at this time. We are all looking to local governments on updates/opens or closures of care providers and/or schools, and understand that the uncertainty around this is challenging. Working parents should connect with their direct manager and discuss their current situation, and what returning to work might look like for them. If you need further guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to your HR Business Partner who is also available to support you and discuss your options.
Yes, our Facilities Teams are working diligently to ensure the office is properly sanitized, on a consistent and efficient schedule. Cleaning schedules have been increased and high traffic areas/touch points are treated with additional caution and cleaning protocols.
Some of these services may be suspended or reinvented as we navigate the health & safety protocols in the workplaces and proceed with caution. Your specific office Employee Guide may include information about your office’s specific services.
IMAX facilities has been working with our local landlords and building operations vendors to make adjustments to our existing systems to further limit our exposure through the HVAC system where possible. These steps follow industry guidelines and include: Maintaining humidity levels of 40% or greater Maintaining a regular schedule of filter changes Maintaining supply of adequate fresh air HVAC systems including equipment, filtration, and air circulation vary by office location and even by room.  If you have a question about your workspace, please forward it to your local facilities department to provide more information.
You will be provided with a disposable non medical mask daily and one to return to the workplace in the following day. If you choose to wear your own reusable cloth face covering you can. However your own mask must meet the following standards: - fit securely to the head with ties or ear loops. - maintain their shape after washing and drying. - be changed as soon as possible if damp or dirty. - be comfortable and not require frequent adjustment. - be made of at least 2 layers of tightly woven material fabric (such as cotton or linen) be large enough to completely and comfortably cover the nose and mouth without gaping.
Yes, you can choose to either take personal days, vacations days, or unpaid time off.
IMAX is not requiring you to use your vacation time. The use of your vacation time is voluntary.
Our vacation hours are meant to be used for paid time off and not as a payout.
You only accrue vacation hours when you are working, during your unpaid leave of absence you will not accrue vacation time.
Yes, you are able to use your accrued vacation time up to June 31st, 2021. If you would like to discuss your situation further please connect with your local HR Business Partner.
If you don’t have enough personal and vacation days to cover the full amount of reduced time, then those days would be unpaid. If you would like to look at another option like government benefits, please contact your Manager or HRBP to discuss further options
The vacation accrual will not be impacted based on the reduced work week as you accrue for the remainder of the year.
No we are not able to transfer vacation or paid time to another individual, for legal reasons.
If you are using your paid vacation/personal time to keep your income whole, you will not be experiencing job loss or loss of income and thus not eligible for Unemployment/Employment Insurance but there are other Government programs that you may be eligible for. Unemployment/Employment Insurance requires various eligibility requirements depending on your governing body and location. We encourage you to visit your local websites to review the requirements for individuals to be eligible for Government assistance.
Vacation balances for International employees are tracked locally and a balance is provided to HR. You can reach out to or for assistance. Please ensure you keep both HR and your local office tracker advised of any changes you make to your schedule.
No. You will remain whole with your benefits offerings.
If you are on an unpaid leave of absences you will not be eligible for paid sick days, but you will be covered under your state or provincial plan for EI benefits. If you are on a reduced work week, you will still be eligible for your healthcare benefits. In addition, there are governmental programs being offered to assist those sick with COVID-19. Our H.R. Department can help assist you in locating such programs.
Yes, if they will accrue this vacation time by the end of June 2021. Time off requests need to be approved daily during this time and balances can enter into a negative state as long as they return to a positive state or 0 by the end of June 2021.
Yes. Will need to work with team to shift business critical tasks to other team members.
Your HR Business Partner will work with you to craft the individual work agreement letters and make changes in our payroll & HRIS systems.
Hours worked for your team need to be approved weekly, if you are not working on Friday you will need to have all hours approved and reviewed no later than end of your business day Thursday each week.
Please approve time off requests as they come in, and hours worked for your hourly/nonexempt employees should be approved at a minimum of weekly if applicable for your group.
If an employee expresses they are refusing to work due to unsafe conditions, they have a right to do so. If this situation arises, please connect with your HR Business Partner to review that employee’s options and the situation as a whole.
We want to encourage open discussions between employees and their Managers on what anxieties, concerns or stressors they may be feeling right now and your HR Business Partner is here to support you through these conversations with individuals. Right now we are phasing back into the office slowly, and understand there may be personal circumstances that make returning to workplaces difficult. If this situation arises, please connect with your HR Business Partner to review that employee’s options and the situation as a whole.
When an employee takes an accrued vacation day, it improves our balance sheet as it reduces the accrued vacation liability. It’s a solution that enables us to address employee costs, while minimizing the impact on employee compensation.
Yes, we will provide individual letters and/or written email notifications created and distributed by HR in partnership with your Manager to communicate any extensions of the reduction in work week.
Yes. As with the rest of the organization, the Senior Management Team will have their hours and compensation reduced and/or be required to use a vacation or personal day every week. In addition, unlike the rest of the organization, they will be expected to work a full five day work week.
We encourage you to discuss with your Manager, who is prepared to have these conversations with you. However, if you would prefer to contact your local HR Business Partner to review your options and situation you are welcome to do that as well. If you are unsure who your local HRBP is, email to be connected.
No. Your decision to further reduce your hours or take a leave of absence will not viewed negatively by the company. We understand this is a difficult time for all and we are all dealing with individual circumstances outside of work, which may be very impactful.